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Anti-bird netting is essential because birds, especially pigeons, cause numerous problems such as noise, droppings, and foul odors that are unbearable. As a result, acquiring an anti-bird net solution becomes important.

At Iris Enterprises, we provide a long-lasting, dense, and unobtrusive anti-bird net for the balcony to our customers. Our anti-pigeon net adequately protects balconies, roofs, and building structures from any damage caused by pigeons or other birds. We use high-quality polyethylene to build these nets. This is why our anti-bird net for the balcony offers superior resistance to breakage, corrosion, and UV radiation.

Iris Enterprises strives to meet all of our client's needs to the greatest extent possible. Balcony safety nets in Pune are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, and customers can also request exclusive colors. Make your home safe and clean with the best pigeon control anti bird net, balcony netting for pigeons, anti bird net Pune, and balcony pigeon net. We give Anti-Bird Net at very affordable prices..


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Types Bird Netting Services In Pune We Provide


Residential Bird Netting Services

To secure residential areas from bird trash, we provide full residential bird netting services. We do this by making a custom bird net that is based on the design, shape, and layout of your home. We position these bird nets in every possible location where birds might reach your property or build nests. This is how we ensure that your home is fully bird-proof.

  • Material is strong and long-lasting,
  • Customized as per the structure,/li>
  • Affordable Cost.
Awning in Pune

Anti bird nets for balcony

The balcony is the easiest way for birds to enter your premises and create nests and mess. Our anti bird nets for the balcony can help you get rid of it. Being made of high-quality polyethylene, our anti-bird nets for the balcony provides you superior protection to breakage and corrosion so you get a solution that is durable and lasts longing. We provide wide customization in the form of sizes, dimensions, and colors and install them at your premises.

  • Made from durable material,
  • Perfectly fits any balcony,
  • Affordable Rates.

Industrial Bird Netting

Birds can disrupt industrial processes, so it's important to use Industrial Bird Netting to protect your industrial property. Our customers benefit from our Industrial Bird Netting solutions, which ensure that birds do not disrupt their operations. This greatly aided our industrial customer in reducing the mess made by the birds.

  • Made from durable material,
  • Perfectly fits any balcony,
  • Affordable Rates.


Anti-Bird Netting is a form of bird control technique that keeps birds out of particular areas.
Iris Enterprises bird nets are made of rust-proof, non-corrosive polyethylene that can be customized to any requirements.
Yeah, we can adjust the size of bird nets to help you keep insects and other animals out.
Our anti-bird net is rust-proof, non-corrosive, and can be tailored to any requirements since it is made of polyethylene.
We produce and supply anti-bird nets that are reliable and long-lasting, backed by 8 years of customer loyalty and confidence.
Yes, as the leading anti-bird net manufacturer and dealer in Pune, we also provide anti-bird net installation services..
We save you money by eliminating the agents and provide an affordable anti-bird net price in Pune because we are a one-stop solution for anti-bird net production, supply, and installation.
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